Digital Signage For Entertainment Industry

Digital Signage For Entertainment Industry


Digital signage helps to interact with customers, deliver brand messages, engage with deals and promotions more effectively. By using stunning displays cinemas can grab the attention of their customers and create a more visually stunning environment.



Communicate With Your Customers


Nowadays people are so hooked on their smart phones that they don't bother to pay attention to what's happening around them. Digital signage helps you turn their heads to what you are trying to say to them.


Deals And Promotions


Running promotions is a good way to engage customers and increase cart value. The best way to display your deals is through a visually eye catching content which urges your customers to consider trying it.



Social Media Integration


Why create again and again when you can just integrate your social media pages to the signage displays and automatically display your social page’s content in your cinemas as well. This improves your brand image and motivates people to check out your social pages.



Display Products Artistically


Most of the time a product’s sale is determined based on how it is displayed. Stunning product videos and lifestyle images help consumers make a more confident decision about a product’s purchase.



Discounts And Promotions


Using digital signage retail stores can keep updating their promotions based on current and latest trends by clicking just a button. Fresh discounts and promotions keep the customers motivated to come more and increase lifetime value in general.



Entertained and Informed


Through digital signage cinemas can schedule content like upcoming movie trailers, announcements about special events and much more. This keeps the customers entertained and informed while they wait for the movie to begin.



Cross Promotions And Sponsorships



Digital signage can be medium for extra cash flow. Cinemas can lend out screen space to brands and service providers.



Menu Boards


The menu board displays are a must for concession counters to display special deals and mouth watering food to urge people to buy.


Advertise Your Brand


Whether its showing off current facilities or any new upgrades, cinemas can use digital signage to keep their customers well informed about what they are being a part of.


Way Finder


Big cinemas can use wayfinding kiosks to help navigate visitors thus enhancing overall customer experience and brand image.


Show Timings


The first thing a customer looks for in a cinema is what time the movie starts and as it is a regularly changing content, digital signage makes it super convenient to display up to date info.


Centrally Managed


The best part about digital signage technology is that it is easy to manage and channel content on different screens through a single dashboard. Running a new promotion in a particular section can be just one click away.



How KDS Helps?


Khazina Digital Signage provides a one stop shop solution for cinemas. Our software is easy to use and our hardware is easy to install. Our solution can help transform your brand and renovate customer experience.






Digital Signage Products for Entertainment Industry





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