Digital Signage For Healthcare

Digital Signage Fro Healthcare


Hospitals need to interact with their patients and staff on a regular basis. Whether it's lessening the perceived waiting times in the waiting area for patients or keeping staff on track with their daily duties. Digital signage helps them deliver their message more clearly, vividly and urgently. Following are the ways digital signage can create a more lively and well performing environment for healthcare institutions.


Waiting Area


Waiting time more patients in the most frustrating part of a hospital experience. Patients have reported having higher anxiety levels by standing in waiting lines. Hospitals can help lowering these levels upto 30% by keeping their patients well informed and engaged at the same time. Digital signage can be used to perform this task by showing a ticket number along with live news and feeds.



Way Finders


Finding the right department in big hospitals can be tricky sometimes especially if it's a case of emergency. Wayfinding kiosks can guide visitors to a desired point. It can also free up staff from guiding visitors and doing other jobs that need immediate attention.



Caring Environment


Investing in a technology like digital signage not only eases the process of delivering the message the right way, but it also adds up to the hospital’s brand image. It shows the visitors that the institution cares about making the experience and environment more friendly and informative.



Health Advice And Public Messages


Digital signage can be used to display vital health related advice and public safety messages to the patients thus creating a more helping environment. Unlike printed signage, hospitals don't need to get new designs printed again and again, pre designed built in templates can be used to display a tailored message in a matter of minutes.



Social Media Integration


Through digital signage’s mix and match content displaying feature, hospitals can show their social media pages alongside live tv. This can help their brand grow digitally.



Cost Effective


Digital signage is a one time investment solution. Unlike print signage it doesn't need hefty labour or new prints every now and then. One person is enough to handle the entire process, from designing the template to displaying it on a network of screens.


Sponsorships And 3rd Party Advertisements


Hospitals can make a medium for extra cash flow by partnering with pharmaceutical companies and similar service providers, by displaying their ads on their own network of screens.


Digital Menu Boards


Hospitals have a dull environment and a dull menu. Digital signage can be used to make the most of it by displaying food, deals or specials on menu boards, through mouth watering videos.


Emergency Alert Systems


One click update feature of digital signage helps display alerts in case of emergencies. For example in case of a fire outbreak, the screens can show vital information like where to go and what to do etc.


Fundraising And Inspirational Stories


Hospitals can use digital signage screens to promote fundraising events to staff members and patients. One good way of doing this is by sharing inspirational life stories of people that the funds have affected and benefited.


All Screens In One Place


The biggest benefit of digital signage is that it is operated on cloud. Thus all the screens in different locations, departments or even other hospitals can be managed through one single dashboard. This increases efficiency and helps monitor the content more effectively.




How KDS Helps?


Khazina Digital Signage has a bespoke solution for healthcare institutes. Our software is easy to manage and our hardware is easy to install. We can help hospitals and similar bodies to improve their communication and enhance efficiency through the power of digital signage technology.




Digital Signage Products for Healthcare



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