Digital Signage For Hospitality

Digital Signage For Hospitality


It's common for hotels to put screens in rooms but they need to be more visual in order to interact with their customers on premises. Digital Signage offers different types of displays that can blend with the environment, help automate certain tasks and be visually eye catching at the same time. It can help improve customer experience and modernise hospitality. Following are the ways digital signage can be used in the hospitality industry to enhance customer experience.




Reception is where a hotel makes its first impression. A warm welcome message with visual representation of the hotel's environment and facilities can easily make an impression on the visitors.



Grab Attention


In the modern world where a normal printed flyer or poster fails to make a mark, bright coloured displays are a good shot to convey your message to the audience,



Self Servicing


Frequently asked questions and processes can be automated e.g. room availability, and self service check ins etc . According to studies 55% people prefer self service check ins as it enhances customer experience and convenience



Discounts And Promotions


Digital signage can be used to channel advertisement about latest promotions and deals to keep visitors engaged.



Way Finders


Way-finding kiosks can help guide newcomers to their desired destination.



Show Off Property


Hotels can visually display its rooms and facilities like spa, gym, cafe or swimming pool etc.


Event Boards


Keep your customers acknowledge about the events happening inside the hotel by displaying it on the network of screens.



Info Boards



Hotels can display live flight schedules, news, weather reports and social alerts to keep their customers updated.



Digital Menu Boards


Digital signage can be used in hotel’s cafe and restaurant to display any specials or visually mouth watering videos of their best foods and recipes.



Entertain Guests


Interactive screens can be used to display entertaining content to ease your guests and give them comfort after long traveling hours.



Localised Information


Hotels can display a list of attractions located in the area, maps and transit time of local transport to guide customers regarding visiting outside the hotel. This can put a lasting impression on the customers and increase loyalty.



Emergency Alerts


Hotels can easily alert their residents in case of emergencies. Alerts can be displayed on the network of screens in a matter of seconds. Customers can be guided about where to go, what to do etc. The screens can also be used to broadcast information about lost persons or luggage visually, easing the process of finding the owner.


How KDS Helps?


Khazina Digital Signage offers the perfect solution for simplified display and content management. Our software and hardware can be controlled centrally offering the ease of use. Our bespoke solution for hotels blends perfectly with the environment and is visually stunning.



Digital Signage Products for Hospitality Industry





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