Digital Signage For Retail

Digital Signage For Retail


As the online shopping experience is getting more convenient with time due to one click access, same day shipping, review based analysis, price comparability options and ease of returns etc, brick and mortar stores are finding it hard to survive and keep the customers coming in. Digital signage is a technology that is helping retail stores bring more convenience and build a stronger customer centric environment. Following are some of the advantages of using digital signage for retail.


Increase Sales


Every business has one core goal, that is to increase sales and generate more revenue. Digital signage helps businesses break silence in tough crowds and grab attention thus increasing footfall in general. More traffic automatically increases conversion rate and helps stores earn extra profits.



Increase Brand Awareness


According to recent studies 90% of the content processed by the human brain is visual. During brand awareness campaigns brands struggle to register their names in their ideal customer's mind. Digital signage can help these brands spread their message more clearly through stunning and eye catching visual content.



Stand Out In The Crowd


Currently the consumers are so overwhelmed with ads everywhere that it's not easy anymore to grab their attention by a mere poster ad. Digital signage helps you stand out in the busy crowd and be more visual, loud and colourful.



Display Products Artistically


Most of the time a product’s sale is determined based on how it is displayed. Stunning product videos and lifestyle images help consumers make a more confident decision about a product’s purchase.



Discounts And Promotions


Using digital signage retail stores can keep updating their promotions based on current and latest trends by clicking just a button. Fresh discounts and promotions keep the customers motivated to come more and increase lifetime value in general.



Increase Cart Value


Digital signage acts as a digital salesman, which keeps pitching new offers, promotions, latest products and displaying features etc, resulting in customers buying more than what they initially intended for. This helps increase overall average cart value and reflects on cash flow for the stores.


In-store Marketing And Advertising



There are thousands of products in retail stores, more than an average person can give attention to. So why not use a network of eye catching displays and constantly market new offers and advertise the latest products to keep your in-store customer more informed.



Multi Store Management


Whether you have one store with multiple displays or multiple stores, digital signage technology helps you distribute content through one platform. A vast sea of content can be managed and regularly updated with ease through one dashboard.


Hook Your Customers


Digital signage helps you mix and match visuals thus giving you an opportunity to hook your viewers with multiple types of content e.g. clock, news, twitter feed, weather reports or match scoreboard. This makes the customers see what they want to see and get your message alongside.


Way Finders


Big retail stores have a general problem from customers unable to find what they are looking for. Wayfinding digital signage helps them locate a particular section or product thus improving customer experience and convenience.



How KDS Helps?


Khazina Digital Signage provides a bespoke solution according to store theme and layout. Our integrated system helps you manage multiple screens on one dashboard. Whether it's running a new promotion, displaying new products or giving a message to your customers, everything can be done instantly and with ease.





Digital Signage Products for Retail Industry



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