Digital Signage For Transport

How Digital Signage Changes The Transportation Industry


As technology advances, so do the preferences and expectations of travellers and freight shippers. Travellers expect more engagement through instant alerts and dynamic updates. Meanwhile, shippers and facility operators are constantly seeking to reduce costs, streamline upkeep, and deliver accurate and real-time information to travellers. In the transport world keeping your customers up to speed with the latest information relevant to them to make their journey and travel experience a best one .Travelling is a matter of getting people to places as fast and efficiently as possible, but the whole experience should include so much more, whether it is for business or pleasure.

Digital signage is emerging as a way of enhancing that travel experience from a customer point of view, while also making the process easier for transport employees. It is even possible to shrink perceived waiting times down with the use of digital signage.


Airport / Railway Stations / Bus Stops


At the terminal is where digital signs are used very efficiently to assist both travellers and customers. With digital signage arrival/departure boards become live . Dynamic messaging on screens is aesthetically pleasing for travellers, but it serves a more important purpose of conveying updated bus, train, flight and airport information to them, which is critical in fast-paced airport and train stations. For airport authorities, digital signage can make for a safer and more secure environment, as well as aid the constant flow of traffic in the terminals.

The first thing for anyone visiting an airport, railway station or bus stops needs to see is clear signage of where to go. Multiply that buy hundreds if not thousands of individuals coming through the doors and those screens employed for this type of information can be an amazing investment in comparison to the bulky large banners and stand up signs.


On-Board Communication


Did you ever notice while you travel on bus or train . How much time you have to look around. Indoor digital signage, play vital roll to advertise your product. Engaging your customer with dynamic content not only leave a great impression on traveller but also build your brand. More and more transportation facilities now use digital signage on both in terminal and on-board, including buses, cars trains and planes. Transportation services businesses are beginning to understand that customers’ experience is greatly enhanced by utilising sexy digital signage displays.


Why Khazina Digital Signage Solutions Are Best For Your Next Transportation Business Project



Khazina transportation digital signage allows real-time information to be provided to passengers through ensuring excellent visibility and real-time content fee clear visibility and reduced reflection thanks to use of its non-glare panel and anti-reflective ,enhanced readability with a high contrast ratio (5000:1) & brightness (750nit for indoors, 2500 nit for outdoors) reduced visual distractions with ultra-thin bezel video-walls and even customisable LED signage without bezel real-time content updates via content management solution.


Khazina provides a reliable and trusted solution that ensures 24/7 operation and extra durability

Sustainable and superior panel quality durable and highly visible outdoor signage featuring anti-reflective to help defuse direct sunlight shining on the display. Built with commercial grade panel and components these displays are designed to run 24/7 in constant use; unlike domestic screens. The panel also has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours of continuous use.


Khazina digital displays comes with commercial grade IPS technology accurately displays image quality and colour depth with no fall-off in colour accuracy. These panels are designed to achieve ultimate lifelike colour temperature when used in either landscape or portrait. Also provide multi inputs like a PC or media player, using the HDMI input or the VGA and 3.5mm audio jack inputs.


Energy consumption is a next challenge for every industry . Our digital signage displays equipped with LED back-light technology provides improved brightness and contrast. Their lifespan is drastically improved to over 70,000 hours and the power consumption is reduced by around 30%. Also eco-friendly power timer allows you to assign daily or weekly on and off times for your screen meaning that it is only in use when it needs to be; improving your environmental efficiency.







Digital Signage Products for Transport Industry




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