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Business Use : The Interactive Touch Display is the all-in-one Touch Screen solution that allows you to bring the best in interactivity and collaboration to your business. The tools are all there to deliver the best meetings, training and presentations possible. From the dynamic and versatile Smart Pen to the intuitive and easy to use MeetingPad software that allows wireless mirroring and file sharing the Interactive Touch Display is a screen that can fit seamlessly into a wide variety of professional settings.

Educational Use : The Interactive Touch Display has a natural home in the classroom. Designed with the education market in mind the Interactive Touch Display is going to revolutionise the way you teach forever, all without the disadvantages that came with projectors and interactive whiteboards. The Interactive Touch Display is an all-in-one solution that supports teaching and helps increase student engagement.





This product is Suitable for


Corporate Meeting Room for Interactive Presentations,

Classroom use as Interactive white board



  Multi-Device Wireless MirroringWirelessly project the displays of up to four smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs or Macs. Using mobile devices you can mirror the display in both directions, and even take control of the touch screen. Mirroring via 5GHz allows for fast response, all without the need of external wires or transmitters.  Easy File SharingOnce your device is connected you can quickly and easily share documents, videos, images and audio files stored on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC directly to the touch screen. You can also share files from the touch screen to your device via email or by scanning a QR code with your mobile or tablet.  Flexible Working ToolsPersonalise your experience by changing the background colour of the display, as well as the colour and thickness of your drawing tools.  Smooth AnnotationsThe line thickness of your annotations varies depending on pressure and speed, allowing you to achieve a realistic and natural handwriting experience..  ConnectShare DongleQuickly and conveniently mirror from your PC, laptop or Mac using the ConnectShare Dongle. Just insert it and launch the built in software, without the need to install any applications.  Smart Pen StylusThere are two stylish interactive ‘Smart Pens’ included. These special styluses allows you to control the display wirelessly from anywhere in the room. You can change the pen tool colour, save annotated documents, navigate through a PowerPoint presentation or website and go back to the ‘MeetingPad’ home screen.  Modern Interactive WhiteboardThe stylish enclosure design really makes this touch screen stand out from the crowd. The bezels are so thin that the display area occupies more than 91% of the overall screen size. Designed with aluminium bezels and a moulded polymer rear, the screen is so lightweight it can even be mounted on a stud wall.  4K DisplayThe 4K Ultra HD display delivers incredible image quality with four times resolution higher than Full HD. Optimised for viewing distances both near and far the display allows your content to take center stage for all your visual communication.  Optional OPS Windows PCFor seamless integration onto existing networks an OPS PC can be installed into the rear of the display, allowing for ultimate flexibility to switch between Android and Windows effortlessly.  20 Touch PointsIdeal for large group collaboration, up to twenty users can interact with the screen simultaneously when working on group projects.  Slim BezelThe screens feature an extremely sleek and narrow bezel meaning that the enclosure to display area ratio is very low. Thefront is crafted from segmented aluminium to achieve ultimate precession while the polymer rear keeps the display super slim and lightweight.  Easy Access Ports and ControlsAs well as having a power and standby button there are also two front facing USB ports. These are ideal for quickly and conveniently connecting USB sticks containing files that you need to access from MeetingPad or the optional OPS PC.  Etched GlassImproves tactility for smoother touch gestures, especially useful for multiple users. The anti-glare nano coating also diffuses external light improving optical clarity.  Freeze Frame FunctionWhile your laptop is connected you can freeze the image on screen so that you can continue to work independently on your laptop.  Integrated SpeakersThe screens have two integrated super slim 10W speakers for presentations that include an audio element.




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