Smart Notice board


A Smart Notice board delivers the right message at right time

From school reception areas to the staff room, from the cafeteria to the classroom, our latest smart notice board solutions solve the problem of outdated information at the push of a button, ensuring you communicate the right message to the right people at the right time.



Khazina Digital Signage Smart Notice boards use strategically located flat screens to display any combination of information such as data, video and even live TV. Information can be updated and published from one central location extremely quickly and easily. Different messages can be sent to different audiences. For example:


In your school reception


• Greet visitors to your school by name

• Promote your school by showing videos of student productions or sporting events

• Integrate live TV with school information so you can educate your audience as they watch TV images



Around your school

• Display menu and pricing information in cafeteria areas

• Alert staff and pupils to room changes

• Communicate health and safety messages

• Display sporting fixtures and social event information

• Showcase students’ work



In your staff room

• Alert staff to Local Authority or welfare information

• Display latest timetables and meeting dates

• Inform staff of Ofsted inspection information

• Provide entertainment whilst staff are taking a break



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