Digital Menu Boards


Digital Menu Board is now exploding in Takeaway Cafe & Restaurants industry. It’s not only change the look of Takeaway but also engage the customer more affectively. Its time to show the deliciousness of your food.



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A Smart Notice board delivers the right message at right time


From school reception areas to the staff room, from the cafeteria to the classroom, our latest smart notice board solutions solve the problem of outdated information at the push of a button, ensuring you communicate the right message to the right people at the right time.


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Digital Marketing  ( Advertising)


Khazina helps you get inside your customer’s brain. By targeting your message to your customer at the most crucial moment— the point of purchase—you can favourably influence their purchase decision. While other advertising mediums are somewhat effective, in-store audio advertising has proven that more than 68% of buying decisions are made at point of purchase.


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Corporate Branding


To successfully get marketing messages across in an active and fast-paced corporate environment, you need to be direct and timely. Khazina’s corporate digital signage solution delivers targeted content through room signs and stationary screens in reception areas and other parts of a building. This reinforces brand messages and fully optimizes communication with employees, clients, and visitors. Dynamic digital signs captivate your audience with real-time information and invite them to explore and discover with engaging content and calls-to-action.


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