Video Walls


The market for video wall displays specifically designed to be tiled together to form one large screen is growing dramatically. With applications from surveillance to advertising, conferences to entertainment, more and more users are seeing the benefit of upsizing their message.

If you are considering a video wall there are a large number of options, the following hand picked displays are different solutions for a variety of different applications and are currently available in cost effective bundled packages. Khazina can of course advise you on the best solution for your particular requirement.



Video Wall Solutions

Things you need to consider


Screen size and quantity, 1x2, 1x3, 2×2, 3×3 1×4, 4×4, 6×6

 Location: The size of space you have to work with

Content: Your content, its’ size and ratio

Digital signal distribution hardware/up scalers

Video processors and media players

CMS: How you want to manage your content

Cabling and power distribution, equipment/hardware storage

Mounting: Specific video wall mounting brackets

Finishing: Set back into a false wall or a bespoke frame surround

Location of video wall, installation and access

•uture use – think flexibility for longer term.




Video Wall Screens


Video wall screens are different to regular screens, they have thinner bezels (frames). These create a more seamless video wall image, the narrower the bezel the better.

To allow the screens to be mounted along side each other, the screens have a common bezel size, top and left bezel and a common bottom and right size bezel. Video wall screens do not often have finished edges or sides, which is why many video walls are set back into a false wall or have a purpose built frame/surround to finish off the sleek look most people are looking for. We also specialized in low budget video wall screens.

We use a number of manufacturers and suppliers, which enable us to offer you a video wall solution tailored to your requirements. Contact us today to talk about your project.


Entry Level or Budget Video Walls


For limited budgets, we are able to create video walls using standard screens, not usually used for such applications, creating an entry level opportunity without breaking the bank!

Or, for what we call, a bank of screens, again standard screens can be used. Digital screens can be used to create creative eye catching digital display



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